With hockey season right around the corner we have been talking all things ice hockey this month. First we told you why the LR4 is the perfect vehicle for hockey moms and next we gave you a variety of local hockey leagues for players of all levels. In the midst of all the sweaty skate socks and shin guards we can’t forget about yet another key component of hockey season, the hockey dad.

photo courtesty of midsouthicehouse.com

Whether you are a beginner with his first tike on the ice, or a seasoned professional who just needs a refresher course we have compiled a list  of tips to make you the perfect hockey dad.

It is a journey. Not a sprint.

Learning hockey is a slow process. While kids tend to improve at ice hockey at a fast pace it will still be a while before they look like the pros. Whenever your son or daughter looks like they are struggling at practice resist the urge to jump in right away and save they day. If you are afraid your child is falling behind or isn't cut out for the sport remember, not only are they having to learn the rules of the game and how to manipulate a stick and puck, but they are doing it all ON ICE.

Getting ready takes time. Plan accordingly.

The first time you are in charge of getting your player ready for game day make sure you plan some extra cushion time into your day. There is a lot of equipment and clothing required for hockey. It can take a while to get fully dressed for a game, so don't wait until the last minute. Speaking of large amounts of hockey equipment the roomy cargo area in the Land Rover LR4 features 44.5 cubic feet of volume. That is more than enough room to carry everything your child needs for game day plus half a dozen extra stuffed hockey bags.

It can get pricey. Don't Panic.

Like any youth sport today, prices can get very high pretty quickly. Don't let this scare you off, just be prepared. The money you spend on ice hockey will be well worth it in the skills on and off the ice they will learn through the years. If finances do become an issue, there are lots of different types of leagues each with a different price range. Another great way to save money is through buying pre-owned gears or watching for equipment specials online

Volunteer to be the team dad. You won't regret it.

Even if this sounds impossible with your busy schedule, serving as the team dad can be an invaluable asset. Getting to know your children's teammates will make you the "cool dad." With seven stadium seats in the spacious LR4, you can easily chauffeur your son or daughter and their teammate too and from practice. Bonus: Getting to know the parents and establishing good relationships will come in handy in avoiding team drama should the occasion arise.

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