The outdoors are calling, how will you respond? Last week we shared with you Five Great Off-Roading Trails for Land Rovers. Now that you know where to go you need to know they right vehicle to take. That is why we have compiled this list of 5 Reasons Why the LR4 Is Great for Summer Off-Roading.


5. Stadium Seating

No one likes to be cramped together in a back seat. The LR4's now features stadium seating with room for up to seven adults. With the luxe interior of every Land Rover and a vehicle designed for stellar views, every seat in the LR4 is the best seat in the house.

4. Terrain Response

The LR4 is equipped to handle every terrain. With Terrain Response, all it takes is the flip of a switch and your Land Rover will automatically reconfigure your engine, transmission, throttle and traction setting to create optimal drivability. From gravel to grass the LR4 puts you in control.


3. Gradient Acceleration Control

You probably already know the LR4 comes standard with Hill Descent Control Technology. This system works to keep you vehicle at a steady pace as you descend a steep hilly terrain. Land Rover has improved this technology by adding Gradient Acceleration Control. Never experience a sudden acceleration as you reach the peak of a hill again, these systems work together to steady your speed and smooth your drive.


2. Built To Handle the Elements

Never let a little water stop your adventure again. When exploring the great outdoors you can now take on the occasional water expanse with confidence. Designed to allow a maximum wading depth of 27.6 inches, the LR4 is always at the head of the pack.


1. Hard Disc Navigation

This is not your average GPS. Taking in-vehicle navigation to a whole new level, the system comes with prompt access speed, graphics, display and up to 40GB of data storage. That’s not all, this navigation system also comes equipped with modes for off-road travel, truly making the LR4 the best vehicle for summer off-roading adventure.


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