It is hard to believe, but the holiday’s are upon us once again. Along with the turkey and Christmas lights holiday travel is an almost unavoidable part of this season of celebration. Don’t dread the family road trip to Grandma’s anymore. We have the perfect road trip guide for dad’s to make your time on the road a breeze.

Put The Kids In Charge

Kids love having a task they feel in charge of and will often put all of their focus into it. Gather up your old smartphones or video cameras and tell the kids they are in charge of making a road trip documentary. Give each child a phone or camera and tell them they can record anything they want and that at the end of the trip you will all watch the footage as a family. This not only makes the children feel important, but keeps you from having to entertain them every second of the day. Beware though, sneaky children are sure to catch some embarrassing road trip lip syncing. Be sure to pack extra chargers for the devices and memory cards if necessary.

Leave It To The Professional

Avoid a tussle between you and your beloved over directions by investing in a trustworthy GPS. While we are sure you can get your caravan to your destination with no extra help, putting a GPS system in charge of navigation keeps you and your love from arguing over whether or not you should have turned at that Target 5 blocks back. If your vehicle comes equipped with a navigation system the hard work is done for you. Simply input your destination and enjoy a (hopefully) argument free drive. Of course you can always use your smartphone as your GPS as well. If you choose this route, we suggest purchasing a car mounted holder like these here and an auxiliary cord like these here if your vehicle does not come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

Are We There Yet?

Avoid this infamous road trip phrase by turning it into a game. At the start of the trip, give each child a set of imaginary points. Every time they ask if you are there yet, they lose a point. At the end of the trip whichever child has the most points win a treat like picking where you eat dinner or an extra scoop of ice cream at dessert. For a more advance version of the game children can earn extra points by correctly figuring how far away you are from your destination using road markers and signs.

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