Land Rover has recently revealed it has been working on some ground breaking technology that will revolutionize driving while towing large items. While the technology is still in the prototype stage, the video recently released by Land Rover showcases the possibilities this exciting technology can bring.

Transparent trailer technology is designed to eliminate the blind spots created when towing large items like trailers, campers and caravans. This technology combines the video feed from the already existing rearview camera with the cameras on the wing mirrors and an additional wireless digital camera on the rear of the trailer.

The video feeds are then meshed together and displayed on the rearview mirror to create a ghost effect on the trailer in tow. The trailer appears transparent with no distortion of surrounding cars, allowing you to make the safest decisions when driving. And when in reverse, the camera on the rear of the trailer will provide a clear view for safety when backing up.

Cargo Sense, an additional part of the transparent trailer technology, will monitor the loads carried in your trailer. This will prove especially useful when towing things like horse trailers like in the video. If the trailer’s load moves in an unusual way, you will be alerted on the instrument panel. You can then view a live feed from a camera inside the trailer displayed on the infotainment center’s touchscreen.

With the cargo sense app, you can check the status of your trailer and cargo load remotely via your smart phone. You can even view a live video feed from the camera inside the trailer on your smart phone. When the trailer is parked, the system will also alert you if the cargo is suffering, if the inside temperature becomes too high or if the trailer is being meddled with.

While there is no official word as to when we can expect this technology to be integrated into Land Rover Vehicles, be sure to keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on this cutting edge technology.  

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