You read that right. Land Rover is crossing the bridge into diesel territory. Why fix what isn’t broken you ask? Simple: more efficiency, more miles per gallon and fewer emissions.

More Efficient Fuel

A gallon of diesel fuel goes much further than a gallon of most other fuels, including gasoline. Diesel is less processed than traditional gasoline and therefore has a notable high energy density. In other words, Diesel is one of the most efficient fuels on the planet.

More MPG

Combine the high energy density of diesel with the efficiency of compression-ignition diesel engines, and what do you get? Significantly better mileage than traditional gas vehicles. Better mileage means fewer trips to the pump and more cash in your pocket. We call than a win win.

Reduced Emissions

There has been a lot of talk about vehicle emissions recently, but what does that really mean? Emissions refer to the exhaust your vehicle puts out while running. This exhaust contains harmful carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons that are bad for the environment and our bodies. The emissions produced by diesel vehicles contain substantially less of the chemicals than the emissions of a traditional gasoline vehicle.

Still not convinced diesel is right for you? Check out these results of what happened when we compared a Range Rover Sport with a Td6 diesel engine squared off with a Range Rover Sport with a V6 gasoline engine.

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