Does My Land Rover Need Premium Gas?

2021 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque


When fueling up in Minneapolis, it’s critical that you use the right type of gas for your vehicle as doing the opposite could result in a number of unwanted problems. While mixing different types of gasoline doesn’t always create issues, you should always consult your owner’s manual if you’re unsure of what kind of gas your car needs. If you’re wondering whether your Land Rover needs premium gas, the answer is yes!

Why Should You Use Premium Gas for Land Rover Vehicles?

The type of gasoline required for your Edina commuter vehicle will depend on its engine. Since different types of gases have varying octane levels, this will affect how the gas and engine interact with one another. For example, premium gas is higher octane while regular, unleaded gas is lower octane. So, is there a Land Rover premium gas requirement? While not all Land Rover owner’s manuals will state that you must use premium gasoline, all will encourage it.

If you use standard, unleaded gasoline in your Land Rover, you can experience issues such as:

  • Engine knocking
  • Engine pinging
  • Decrease in fuel economy
  • Decrease in overall power and performance

Is Premium Gas Expensive?

As you can see, using premium gas for your luxury Land Rover vehicle is a great way to protect your investment. While some Wayzata drivers are under the impression that premium gas comes with a high price tag, this isn’t the case. The price between unleaded and premium gas is insignificant, especially since you’ll get a better fuel economy when using premium gas, and avoiding potential, expensive repair costs in the long run.

Is Premium Gas Required for Diesel Engines?

Most models in the Land Rover lineup have options for a diesel engine upgrade. However, unlike some vehicles that benefit from premium gas, there are much larger issues that can arise from using standard gas in diesel engines. Some problems that can occur from not using diesel for a diesel engine include:

  • Severe damage to the fuel-injector pump
  • Because of different combustion rates between gas and diesel, the gas will combust sooner, this causes issues such as misfires, engine knocking, or engine repair.

Like with any engine, diesel engines should be given the proper gas based on what is stated in the owner’s manual.

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